National Autism Conference 2016

From 1 to 4 August 2016 at the National Autism Conference at Pennsylvania State University , there will be more ' big Analysts of the world's behavior as


Vincent Carbone , Iwata , Sundberg , Holth , Martinez Diaz , DeLeon and Italians Francesca Degli Espinosa ( BCBA - D ) and Dr. Francis de Salle ( BCBA )


  And ' possible to follow all of their presentations by clicking on this link looking presentation that interests you most .  


For both of these great luminaries the association throughout her a good luck to both of these Italian figures who represent us in an audience so important in the world and a good luck also to our neo masterizzandi , Ianniello Michele and Elena Pappalardo for the first time to face this new adventure .


Association ONLUS Autismo Fuori dal Silenzio