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Project " Il Mio Dono" by Unicredit Bank

The "Autismo Fuori dal Silenzio" Association takes part in the "IL mio Dono" project of Unicredit Bank.


The vote will be your help to realize ours "AUTISM-BUS" !!!

You can vote by email, Facebook, Google plus, Twitter

Open the link for details!...

National Autism Conference 2016

From 1 to 4 August 2016 at the National Autism Conference at Pennsylvania State University , there will be more ' big Analysts of the world's behavior as


Vincent Carbone , Iwata , Sundberg , Holth , Martinez Diaz , DeLeon and Italians Francesca...

Approved BCBA for Univeristy of Salerno

The Organization No Profit Autismo Fuori dal Silenzio communicates that the BCBA approved the Master from Univerisity of Salerno, congratulation to Prof. Francesco Di Salle (BCBA) for this recognition


Staff AFS

Vincent Carbone- Univerisity of Salerno