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The Associazione Autismo Fuori dal Silenzio was established on November 15, 2012 by a group of parents of children affected by autism who felt the need to have an association in the Campania region due to the facts that the existing rehabilitation programs were not always suitable for their children and that the applied interventions did not ad here to the SINPIA guidelines. In Italy,according to the SINPIA Guide (2005-2011),Applied Behavior Analysis is a science accredited for the rehabilitation of a child with autism.


Multiple scientific research studies have shown that Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) can improve the quality of life of a person with autism.ABA is the systematic application of behavioral principles identified by the science that studies behavior and the laws that regulate it.ABA is utilized in the design, implementation and evaluation of practical intervention programs. This practice is based on the observation and recording of behaviors which provide the starting point for the design and implementation of interventions to change inappropriate behaviors and to learn new skills.

In recent years,our association has offered numerous workshops presented by Dr. Francesca Espinosa, BCBA-D.  Dr. Espinosa has over eighteen years experience of ABA principles and techniques in educational programming for people with autism and learning delays.


Over the years, our association has also collaborated with the School of Acquapsicomotricità of Brescia,"Liquid World,” offering courses with CSEN / CONI accreditation lead Dr. Moira Faustini, who is a pedagogical andeducational planning consultant at Bicocca University of Milan.  She is a psychomotrist and the designer and manager of training initiatives of the CEMM study of educational planning.


Our association has also commenced collaboration with the University of Salerno to access various Masters programs on Behaviour  Analysis thanks to the Scientific Director Francesco Di Salle (BCBA).


The Association currently offers school and extracurricular activities, support and relief to parents through parenting courses, support and respite services to families, as well as educational activities on psychomotor movement and ABA.